Why Fleethub?

From Contract Hire to Fleet Management, we provide complete and bespoke solutions to all business and personal customers. FleetSauce was founded in order to provide the highest level of customer service, we aim our customers with the information they need so they are able to make informed decisions about all aspects of leasing.

Adding a new dimension to our services, we’re excited to introduce FleetHub, our newly developed vehicle management software. This cutting-edge tool reflects our dedication to innovation and enhancing your fleet management experience. Welcome to FleetHub, where tradition meets technology for a smarter approach to vehicle management.

About Fleetsauce

Fleetsauce was created to address a range of customers that had fallen from the radar of the larger leasing companies and not always offered the best deal first time - or the correct deal!

This is why we can offer every finance product required and we can also buy your car! You won’t access a greater level of flexibility and advice than at Fleetsauce. I can say that I have never worked with a team that cares so much about customers and customer satisfaction. Try us and you will see how good the team are.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with customers and prospective customers. It is commonplace for the team to spend 30-40% of the day on the phone to our customers, discussing cars, quotes or just to make sure our customers and vehicles are ok!

We want to build a successful, proactive business from relationships with current customers and new customers. We always try hard to win new business and all of our quotes are produced personally, and checked across various funding methods and providers to make sure that you receive the best quote first time, we can't win 100% of quoted business for many reasons but we do like to try and win as many as possible!

On average every customer that comes on board with Fleetsauce orders 3 cars in the first 6 months. That says we are not a one hit wonder, with no hidden fees and no admin fees. We are open and honest from the beginning and won't try and do anything that will leave you exposed.

So, surely, we are worth a shot?! We understand that you may have a supplier that you have used for a long time; we respect that, as we have many loyal customers ourselves! What we are saying is we are worth adding to your list, spreadsheet, tender document, fleet supplier folder or wherever you store these details. We work hard and we know you do too. Let's work together and see what can be achieved.

About Electra

A salary sacrifice is when an employee gives up a portion of their gross salary in receipt of a product or service.

Firstly an employer joins our Electric Car Salary Sacrifice scheme and employees can opt in. Then a portion of an employee’s salary is then used to lease their new electric car. Benefitting from government tax savings, employee’s save on both Income tax and national insurance. We can confirm, there are no hidden fees.

This results in reduced national insurance liability for the employer, making our Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme mutually beneficial for both employees and employers.

We get the frustrations!

We understand that navigating the complexities of fleet management is no easy feat. At Fleetsauce, we understand the challenges firsthand, inspiring us to create our own cutting-edge Fleet Management Software – FleetHub.

Meticulously developed and tested, FleetHub is the result of collaboration among a seasoned team of fleet experts with years of industry experience. We feel that we truly believe we have on the best vehicle management software in the UK.



Still uncertain if FleetHub is the right fit for you? Discover the benefits of fleet management software by taking advantage of our offer to try FleetHub free for 30 days with no obligations attached.

Our Fleet management software Fleethub is £2.50 per vehicle per month.

Key Benefits:

  • Driver and Vehicle Management
  • Assistance in fleet decarbonisation
  • Allow to run and manage the fleet efficiently
  • Mange risk
  • Reduce administration

Curious about how it works? Our training resources are here to help you understand it fully and make the most out of your experience.

The primary use of a fleet management tool is to streamline and enhance the overall efficiency of managing a vehicle fleet. This tool provides centralised control, allowing businesses to monitor and optimise various aspects of their fleet operations.

Businesses and industries with a fleet of vehicles, such as logistics, construction, services, public sector, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare, benefit from fleet management to optimise operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

It is unlimited to how many users can use it.

We offer a free 30-day trial, allowing you to explore the benefits firsthand and determine if it's the right fit for you.

Fleet management covers everything from getting and keeping vehicles to keeping them running well and cost-effective. It includes choosing between buying or leasing, taking care of maintenance, making sure vehicles use fuel efficiently, and using technology to keep an eye on everything. Safety and compliance are crucial, and there's a focus on using technology, like fleet management software, to make things run smoothly. The aim is to run a fleet that's safe and efficient.

Fleet efficiency refers to the overall effectiveness and productivity of a fleet of vehicles within an organisation or business. It involves optimising the performance, utilisation, and cost-effectiveness of the entire vehicle fleet. This can encompass various aspects, including fuel efficiency, maintenance schedules, route planning, vehicle lifespan, and compliance with environmental standards. The goal of fleet efficiency is to maximise the operational output of the vehicles while minimising costs, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The Benefits of fleet management software are evident.