Within our software, you will have access to detailed mileage reports for each individual vehicle, providing insights into whether the mileage exceeds or falls below the mileage agreement. The report provides an estimated cost projection based on the current vehicle mileage, enabling you to anticipate expenses whether the vehicle will be going over or not, and the associated costs.

At Fleeethub, with this comprehensive report, we can adjust the vehicle mileage allowances. Whether you anticipate exceeding or falling short of the mileage limit, we can accommodate by either increasing or reducing the threshold of mileage contract. This proactive approach not only helps you manage costs effectively but also mitigates the risk of unexpected expenses. Increasing the mileage limit, for instance, results in a modest monthly adjustment, avoiding a significant lump sum payment in the future. Conversely, if you anticipate staying under the limit, there's potential for decreased monthly payments.

With the software, you can set a percentage projection for how much a vehicle can exceed its mileage. You can then easily identify vehicles that are over this limit and consider amending the mileage accordingly. Overall, actively monitoring and adjusting mileage amendments can result in long-term cost savings for your vehicles. By staying attentive and making necessary adjustments in a timely manner, you can effectively manage mileage expenses and optimise the usage of your fleet.

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