Our system can conduct thorough checks on all driver licenses, generating reports to verify the qualifications of each driver. These reports detail any past violations or fines associated with their licenses, providing a clear overview of their driving history. To ensure their adherence to regulations, a report will be compiled. Within this report, you can view a list of the top drivers who may be at higher risk due to previous fines or accidents.

This proactive approach not only promotes safety but also streamlines administrative processes by centralising crucial information all in one location.

With license checks you have the flexibility to set the frequency of the checks according to your preference, whether it is every 6 months or annually. This ensures that each driver possesses a valid license to drive the appropriate vehicle. With this meticulous oversight, you can confidently manage your fleet, knowing that every driver meets the necessary qualifications and adheres to regulatory standards. As a business, you have a duty of care to ensure that drivers are compliant, and FleetHub makes this responsibility much easier to manage.

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