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One Solution

Fleet management should not be a headache; that’s where FleetHub steps in. Have access to your entire fleet, anytime, anywhere – consider your problems solved with FleetHub.

Vehicle Management

•Seamlessly store and manage vehicle information, ensuring compliance with regulations.

• Effortlessly control leased or financed vehicles, monitoring key details and customising notifications.

• Conduct detailed fuel and emissions analysis for cost savings and sustainable fleet management.

• Simplify maintenance cost analysis for strategic planning.

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Part of car interior with instrument panel containing two speedometers
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Driver Management

• Streamline incident recording and tracking for effective driver management.

• Securely store driver license information, aiding in fines allocation and penalty management.

• Access records of training, qualifications, and medical declarations seamlessly.

Risk Management

• Centralise information for regular vehicle inspections and ensure compliance with policies.

• Proactively manage duty of care obligations, creating a safe and efficient fleet.

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Fleet Efficiency

• Optimise fuel consumption with insights into each vehicle’s efficiency.

• Identify anomalies in vehicle data for efficient cost management and strategic decision-making.

• Extend leasing contracts or adjust as needed to flexibly adapt to changing fleet requirements.

• Get new quotes on vehicles to explore options and make informed decisions based on evolving fleet needs.

Simplify Operations

• Centralise all fleet data, automate notifications, and eliminate the need for manual checks

• Access information seamlessly from anywhere, ensuring swift retrieval.

• Streamline data management, generating reports and facilitating a proactive approach to compliance.

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Part of car interior with instrument panel containing two speedometers
FleetHub leads the way in UK fleet management software, offering a secure and efficient solution to enhance your fleet management tasks.

How much will this cost me?

1 Month

£ 2.50 Per Vehicle
  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Risk Management
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Data Security and Protection
  • Unlimited Users
  • License Checks (pay on use)