Fleet compliance is a top priority for any fleet manager, as non-compliance can lead to legal repercussions and fines for negligence. Our software streamlines and organises this process for your fleet, making it much easier to manage. Our custom-built system features alerts for MOT, tax, insurance, service and rental renewals. You have the flexibility to tailor these alerts according to your preferences. This includes scheduling reminders ahead of time, aligning them with what best meets your requirements. Furthermore, you have access to the MOT history of all vehicles in the system.

Set reminders as well for vehicle renewals months in advance, allowing you to obtain a quote for a new vehicle, which we can assist you with. This proactive approach guarantees that you can replace the vehicle without being left stranded if you're awaiting a factory order.

Car insurance, hands and man writing on documents for compliance, maintenance and engine control. V
Mechanic Checking Car Wheels

Checking insurance is crucial, especially if you have a grey fleet, to ensure that each driver has the right insurance coverage for all situations. With our system, you can easily upload insurance certificates and view which drivers have adequate insurance coverage. Failing to ensure that drivers are properly covered can result in expensive fines and compliance issues.

By simply inputting the vehicle registration plate, you can retrieve a comprehensive vehicle summary, including CO2 output, electric miles range, P11D, Euro category, and tax information. The system refreshes daily to ensure that all data and information are up to date. For electric vehicles, you can access an environmental summary within FleetHub, providing details such as the electric mile range and other relevant information.

All these features are designed to ensure that vehicles are compliant, safe and efficient, ultimately enhancing driver safety and fleet efficiency. Nothing will get missed now with our efficient notification system and centralised data storage, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

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