The audit history feature in FleetHub is essential for any fleet manager. Every input, deletion, and modification are meticulously tracked, providing a comprehensive history of all drivers and vehicles. With detailed timestamps and contributors, this centralised system ensures an efficient and transparent logging process, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies and improving overall accuracy.

With FleetHub, drivers can easily input their vehicle mileage, which is time stamped to record when and by whom the data was entered. Additionally, any changes to vehicles, such as mileage adjustments, accidents, fines, MOT, servicing, insurance updates and documents are meticulously tracked.

Overall confusion and discrepancies will not be an issue, as all the necessary data is consolidated in one place. This reduces confusion, as you can easily track when events occur and which driver is associated with specific fines or accidents.

Employee Evaluation Optimization: Employee management with online surveys and checklists

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